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17 Nuggets From Tiwa Savage’s Marriage

mqdefault-2.jpg A lot of us saw Tiwa Savage’s interview where she aired (more like pata-hanging outside) the details of her marriage to TeeBillz.

A few days ago most people were siding with TeeBillz because they thoughtOh what a terrible woman you must have been married to for you to want to jump off a bridge”, but now that Tiwa has spoken.
it clearly seems the problems were much bigger than Tiwa. This is not about Tiwa Savage. 

Here Are The Lessons I Picked From The Whole Brouhaha:

1. Brow game better be tight anywhere, anytime…you might have no other makeup on but brows gats be on fleek!
2. Don’t tap into blessings you don’t know the source. Not every time #RelationshipGoals
3. Marriage is hard work and even harder for celebrities.
4. Mental health is not something we should play about. We play too much in Nigeria.
5. Some people live for the ‘gram. The grass isn’t aways greener.
6. Tell your truth, it will set you free!
7. Finances can easily destroy a marriage.
8. People always show you who they really are… shine your eye.
9. Never ever store your side chicks name as Edible Catering, or Kunle Mechanic, or Pastor Jubril.
10. Love is not enough when it comes to marriage.
11. Discuss expectations before you get married, don’t marry then try to change a person.
12. The marriage is different from the wedding.
13. Live WITHIN your means. Forget the Joneses.
14. Take responsibility for YOUR life.
15. Some men cut their hair twice a week!
16.What will people say” will put you in trouble.
17. Yoruba Movies don’t lie – It is possible to use another person’s star to shine.

I Hope Both Parties Find Peace.

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