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2014 National Conference: Delegates To Be Paid 12 Million Each

The much talked about National Conference kicked off yesterday 17th of March 2014. But what most Nigerians don’t know is the amount the delegates are to be paid for the three month period the conference will last.
MDB can reveal to you that each delegate will be paid a sum of N4 million per month, totaling up to 12 million each for the three months.

It is also learnt that most of the delegates preferred to be paid cash in lieu of accommodation since they could easily make their own arrangements away from prying eyes in public hotels. What this simply means is that apart from the 12 million, the delegates will also be getting another allocation, perhaps in the tune of millions for accommodation.

At the rate of N4 million per delegate for the three-month duration of the conference, the Federal Government will be spending as much as N5.976 billion on paying the 492 delegates and six secretariat officials.
It will be recalled also that the Presidency had set aside N7 billion for the organisation of the conference, which is expected to ‘chart a new path of socio-economic and political development for the nation.’
Many have, however, doubted the sincerity of the government in organizing the conference with only a few months to the commencement of activities leading to the 2015 general elections.
I’m particularly perplexed as to why so much money should be spent on the national confab, when there are more pressing issue plaguing us at the moment like unemployment, Boko-haram, power to mention but few. Is this confab really that necessary? Isn’t this another case of misplaced priorities? Assuming the conference necessary, why should the delegates be paid so heavily? Why also does the conference have to last 3 months? So many questions, very few answers.

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