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IS Bombmaker Smiles As He Is Jailed


An Indonesian man has been jailed for 10 years for his role in abomb and gun attack in Jakarta in January.

Four civilians died in the terror attack, the country’s worst in years.

Dodi Suridi, 23, a supporter of the so-called Islamic State group (IS), helped make one of the bombs used on the day.

He said he accepted the verdict as “the risk of being a terrorist”.

Five assailants were killed by police during the attack and about 40 have since been arrested.

Prosecutors said Suridi altered gas canisters to provide bombs for two attackers who blew themselves up at a police post.

He was arrested the day after the attack.

As he was led away from court, Suridi shouted”Allahu akbar”, Arabic for God is great, and smiled at journalists in the court.

Judge Achmad Fauzi said his actions had

“disturbed the community and shaken the life of our nation”.

The attack in January was the first attack linked to IS in south-east Asia but Indonesia has since suffered several attacks carried out under the group’s banner.

Source: BBC

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