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5 Best Android Music Player Apps

5 Best Android Music Player Apps You Need..

To me music is life, Who Ever loves music to the core and have a good music player makes the matter much more better. That why in this post am going to be sharing on 5 best android music player apps that your android phone or tablet should have at least one.

Now you may be asking yourself that is it really important you have a music player app on your android device while you have a default music player from the manufacturer. Actually you are right but if you want to enjoy music with features that you can adjust, graphics, attractive interface and also gives you the best quality of music tunes and best then you consider installing one of these best android music player apps on your android device.

List Of the 5 Best Android Music Player Apps You should Install..


Poweramp Music Player

poweramp android music player app 
Poweramp is one of the best android music player app you can have, the music player app is packed with features that you can’t resist, so if you are looking for a desktop music player then poweramp can be that for you. The app has amazing features such as it can support nearly all format you play, it separate the bass and the treble to give you chance to edit the outcome of the sounds, tag editing with lots of equalizer design and lots more.

The trail version of Poweramp is free, s download and if you like it and you want to have the full version you and buy it from the playstore.


This a very interesting and attractive player which has lots of features a music listener will love to have control over, N7Player gives you a sweet and zoom able interface that fits any screen either portrait or landscape so you don’t have to worry about the size of your screen. With a home widget, tag editing, lyrics look up, lock controls and lost more. So try N7Player and see if you like it..


android music player 
Winamp is a popular music player right from windows and now to android devices not still going down, Winamp provides the best features a music player should have that why we have listed as android music player apps which are good and can be regarded as the best. Winamp has lost of features such as winamp supports iTunes importing, Shoutcast internet radio, lock controls and widgets with also plenty of new discovery for free. So you should have Winamp app install as one of your music players on your android device.


mixzing music player app 
As the name sounds MixZing is a great android music players app with a good customizable graphic equalizer option, where you can edit the equalizer of a track and apply it to the song, album or the whole song on your playlist, this is really a great android music player app you should have. MixZing is really a good android music player app.


cubed music player

Cubed is a very odd and different android music player app totally different from others. As the name goes cubed present your playlist in form of a cube which lest you change your songs by moving the cube left or right to change the song and the song are sorted out alphabetically. it also supports last fm and some great features. Download Cubed and have fun doing so

 Above are great music player for your android device, I hope you do like some of them and install them and see what it has for you.

 Continue listening to good music with these best android music player apps and have fun doing so.

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