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Amazing Sighting Of Rare Bird


An unexpected sighting has been made of one of the world’s rarest birds.

There are thought to be fewer than 100 surviving Spix’s macaws, a large blue-feathered species of parrot that once lived in the rainforests of Brazil.

All those birds live in captivity. The last known wild bird disappeared at the end of 2000.

Experts from the bird conservation charity SAVE Brasil are now scouring the forests in which it was seen, in an attempt to relocate the bird.

The bird was sighted and filmed by 16-year-old Damilys Oliveira, whose family had previously donated a small area of their property to become a reserve for Spix’s macaws.

“And the bird then appears in front of their house!”

says Pedro Develey, SAVE Brasil’s Director. SAVE Brasil is the national partner organisation of BirdLife International, which is headquarted in Cambridge, UK.

“It’s very symbolic,” says Develey.

“There’s hope again, and the people there are really committed for the reintroduction.”

By Matt Walker

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