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Ambassador Pirjo To Nigerians: ‘Reduce Dependency On Oil’


The Ambassador of Finland to Nigeria, Pirjo Soumela-Chowdhury,has asked Nigeria to reduce dependency on oil, explaining that the drive to diversify the economy is what every country, including Nigeria has to look towards to.

Pirjo said this at the just concluded business networking meeting to ensure progressive trade promotions between both countries business individuals.

According to her, the most central focus of Finland work is promoting trade and economic relations and the idea behind the business networking meeting is to explore potentials of both countries and note areas they can invest in for upward economic growth.

“The whole drive to diversify the economy is what everybody including the government of Nigeria is trying to do. Of course it is a great thing to reduce dependency on oil. Even though Nigeria is in a difficult situation at the moment because of the fall in oil price, I think you can also take it in a positive way, in a way as incentive to diversify. This is important especially when you want to create jobs for the young population. This is the way to go, it is a commendable goal”

Ambassador Pirjo said.

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