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[Arrange Body] All About Toilet Infections

The thing about toilet infection is that most of the time they are not gotten from toilets! It is highly unlikely, the probability is negligible, the closest medical name is “vaginal infections” and some are actually sexually transmitted Infections.

Most of the time other ladies might not be sexually active but have caught the infection because they share a toilet with another lady who has this infection. The infections are common in females and about 75% of ladies will have at least a yeast infection in their lifetime. So don’t think you are alone if you are infected.

The commonest infections if the toilet infections are: candidiasis (fungal infection), bacterial vaginitis (bacterial infection), and trichomoniasis (protozoan infection), while trichomoniasis is an STI, the other two are not directly linked to sex as a cause, so don’t be suspicious if you roommate has a toilet infection.

In fact it is almost impossible to get an STI from a toilet in most cases, the organism cannot survive long in that environment and getting the organism in the amount that will cause an STI is highly unlikely, especially with the immunity of an average person except if the immune system of your roommate is very sensitive.

The commoner toilet infections are caused, not by organisms from the toilet, but by normal organisms in the vagina! Normally they don’t cause infections but when they increase in number, they cause the toilet infections. The number of these normal vaginal organisms can be caused by:

Douching: or excessive washing of the vagina (for example after sex or menses, or even while bathing) this actually disrupts the biochemical balance and causes fungal and bacterial over growth.

Poor hygiene, and moist/wet underwear (pants). Not keeping the area dry especially after taking a bath or wearing tight underwear.

Now I have noticed that most of the time when ladies go to the toilet to pee you use they use water to clean, when you use water and the water touches the fungi on your underwear it becomes moist again especially after it is worn back, the moist increases the fungi thereby causing an infection so it is always advisable to use wipes to clean after peeing or using the toilet.

Excessive use of creams, perfumes, soaps etc. in order to remove vaginal odor could affect the normal balance, let us not forget that the vagina has its own natural cleanser so when you use any cleanser or feminine wash it automatically tempers with the natural PH balance.

Infections could be caused due to hormones e.g.: from contraceptive pills during monthly ovulation, during pregnancy from steroid-drugs etc.

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