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Atiku’s Candidacy for 2015 Presidential Election

photo - Naij.com Readers Discuss Candidacy for 2015 Presidential Election

Should Atiku Abubakar, 68, a Nigerian politician, businessman and philanthropist, ex Vice-President, compete in presidential election once again?

Recently, our reader Ibraheem Abdul Tudunwada, from National Youth Network for Atiku, wrote:

“A call to His Excellency Alh. Atiku Abubakar (GCON). It’s not in doubt that His Excellency performed creditably in his 8 years in office as the Vice President of this nation.

“It was with the pride that we greeted your contributions to education and human empowerment beyound the shores of Africa. Indeed, you are the man of this generation.

“Your Excellency, we suggest that you offer yourself for the 2015 presidential election. We know you are a nation’s man and a strong believer of Nigeria’s unity.

Naij.com suggested the following topic for our readers to discuss: “Would you support Atiku’s candidature should he run for Presidency? Why?

Odewale M. Olushola said: Turakin Adamawa has every right to contest for the highest post of President of our nation. No one should deprive him of doing so.

Omotosho Kabir Tunde remembered: Well, he did well when he was Vice President, so I belive he has knowledge of ruling Nigeria. He will correct every error of GEJ.

Ajose Bakre Olubunmi Latifat and Cdof Mohammed commended Atiku for being astable, low-profile and competent man and for his leadership qualities.

Faco Arukwe said: Atiku is the lion of Africa! I will vote for him if he contests.

Owoicho Johnson commended Atiku for his efforts to assure employment for Nigerians: Some people will never be impressed by anything good that comes from a great man, because they will never attain such greatness. I love such monumental developments because they are impressive as they are geared towards creating jobs for the helpless Nigerian youths who have were made impoverished by the kinsmen of those who hate Atiku.

Filibuster Nhebinichi Amadi said: Truly, the majority of our youths don’t know what they want and what is good for them. That’s why they are ready to criticize development and cry in hardship. The masses don’t need money. What they should expect from our government and leaders is investment in our country Nigeria, not in overseas – so that the youths can easily get a job. Don’t criticize but encourage him to do more for our own benefit.

A large number of respondents, however, insisted that the era of Atiku’s political generation has expired and it’s time for younger and fresh-thinking aspirants to try their best in ruling Nigeria.

Okonkwo Mercy lamented: An old man who has been in power for ages wants to remain and die in power. Are the youths not the leaders of tomorrow anymore? Ndi ara [crazy people, lunatics]!

Philip Enoch mused: Why not pick me instead? Old men of past generation! They keep grudges from past events and as well tend to pay back when in power. This won’t help us either.

Robert Gozie fumed: Tell Atiku to go and sit down. There are other capable hands, better than him. What is Atiku looking for at the Aso Rock again? Please, we are tired of these cabals.

Funmi Bolarin noted: Old wine in a new bottle!

Chizaram Chioma wondered: Ever since my elementary school day, we had been addressed as future leaders. My question is how are we the future leaders when these old cargoes are still bleating? Or is the future yet to arrive?

Anene Moses Chigozie queried: How can I support the “recycling” process in governance? Atiku spent 8 years in Aso Rock and he still wants to get back. We need young people. I am tired of hearing and seeing Atiku/Buhari in media in any national discussion. Out of selfishness, the same set of people caused their region North to be underdeveloped, and today the common man in the street is been killed like rat. Instead of Atiku and Buhari as the rulers, I will rather choose to be address as a Biafran.

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Bishop Aguse Jnr asked: If Atiku or Buhari become the President of this country, what will be the hope of the youth? Is Nigeria going forward or backwards? Is it not written that the young shall grow? Why are the old men coming to take over from the young ones? Take a critical analysis of members of the ongoing National Conference. Men and women who are supposed to rest at home are advising younger generation. Are there any good things they can remember with their old brain? What wisdom can they offer in the 21st century? Still, the ones in the National Conference are accumulating wealth in the name of planning the future of this great country.

Ignatius Ekesiobi suggested: He has done his best. Nigeria has over 170 million people, let others try, too. I wish him a glorious retirement, though.

Some commentators have come up with the names of the candidates they would like to see emerging victorious in the 2015 Presidential race.

For instance, Mohammed Mukadam said: This country needs a new set of leaders. Enough of the Atikus, Obasanjos, Babangidas, Abdulasalamis. Instead, a new generation should come to power, people like Tambuwal, Ribadu, Fashola, Mimiko, Akpabio. My personal choice is President Owelle. Let students have a good future history to read.

Qudeerah Oyedele Nosiru said: Adviseably, they should all join hands to support a younger Northerner, someone like Tambuwal. Buhari, Tinubu, Atiku should forfeit their presidential ambitions and feature a young, assertive and credible candidiate like Tambuwal and a Christian, preferrably Amaechi or Femi Gbaja Biamila.

Some, on the other hand, pointed out that President Goodluck Jonathan is doing a good job and should contest for another term in the office. Moreover, observers also pointed out toAtiku’s frequent changes of mind regarding political affiliations.

Abisad Multiventures said: Alhaji Atiku Abubakar would be one of the preferred contenders for the 2015 presidential elections. But, his problem is that he’s not politically stable. Today you see Atiku in PDP, the next time you hear he’s in ACN. Another time, he has gone back to the PDP. As we’re talking right now, l heared again that he’s now in APC. No right-thinking voter will risk casting his or her vote for such unstable politician like Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. Otherwise, if he’s given such oppportunity, it’s very likely that, he runs unstable policies in his government. As it is now, l haven’t seen any candidate that will out-beat the credentials in terms of performance in office setiment apart. Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan must complete his second term of office till 2019. Because he’s doing a good job!

Akano Emeka said: But there is no vacancy yet at the presidency. President Goodluck Jonathan is doing very well considering the situation in the country now. We cannot afford to experiment. Atiku should wait for his time to come.

Alex Ndudim Ogwe said: If Atiku is the presidencial candidate of the APC, it is 100% good for the PDP. The APC can’t get a match for GEJ.

Prince Ephraim Ray said: Plateau State is for GEJ come 2015. Despite our political differences in Plateau, our common goal is to vote GEJ. It is non-negotiable.

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Most notably, however, a skeptical and, at times, bitter, disposision of Nigerians was evident, judging from their comments. It seems that past controversies involving Atiku are still fresh in the minds of our readers who now eye any contestant for a major political post with great caution.

Philip Okuabor said: He does not have the ability and capacity to rule their country. What did you say he did in his Vice Presidency, aside from buying many companies, and his famous quarrels wth Obasanjo? How many votes did he get in his last attempt? He will get less this time.

Rebecca E. Onuoha said: He should channel his money time and energy to other spheres of life. There are milions of Nigerians who need his so-called help. After all, it is our money you are spending.

Obed Etobe said: What will happen to this country if a party that has Atiku and Tinubu as its principal members should win the Presidency? We’ll just wake up one day and Nigeria would have been stolen!

Egwuatu Nwafather said: Atiku should solve the problems of and bring peace to Adamawa State before thinking of how to solve the problems of 36 states in Nigeria. What did he achieve as VP? Can he be proud of at least one project in Adamawa State as former VP? My Northern brothers and sisters should be wise and open their eyes to the truth. The times of ranka dede have passed.

Kingsley Abunene said: Oga Atiku, please just go sit down and enjoy all the stolen or embezzled funds you already have in different foreign bank accounts.

Stanlizy Ugwueze said: We Nigerians are pathetic, gosh! Who Atiku is who you guys are commending for presidency 2015? Do we need another eyes or mind to see or tell us that Atiku is among the insurgence of these dreaded, shameles, heartless people, devil incarnates called Boko Haram? I am sorry, you guys are either insane, or stupid, or pathetic, not even patriotic. Over my dead body will I tip Atiku, Buhari and co to help them become presidents.

Utchey Doris Okoroafor said: What did he forget in Aso Rock dat is luring him back there again? You Vice President for 8 years and nothing happened. So what will happen if he becomes the president? All of them who have ruled before and are struggling to go back there, “una forget una mama for Aso Rock?” Na only Muslims get to rule Naija? What are they doing about Boko Haram? Atiku should first of all put out the fire in his state before thinkin of helpign the rest of the country.

Nang Billy Paul said: Atiku is already a good philanthropist, I respect him for that. But coming back wanting to be Nigerian President makes me to doubt his good deeds and intentions.

Ubong Bassey said: I will support Atiku if only he releases the money for me to cordinate South South youths. I will use that money to do better things for my guys, then use some and campaign for GEJ.

Terungwa Akaahan said: The man Atiku is a good man, but he is not the solution to our problems for now.

Ositadimma Seth noted: Atiku existed under the influence of Obj. After that, his presence and contribution were not truely felt. I think he missed his political key or direction. No meaningful contribution…

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