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#BBNaija Day 53: Bisola Eases The Tension In The House


With the #BBNaija housemates hard at work on creating an artistic presentation highlighting the plight of the underprivileged, a knife could cut through the tension in the house.

Bisola however would have none of this as she employed her friendly skills to help lift the spirits of the Housemates after a change of plans took them by surprise.

Bassey had felt the best way to guarantee that they win their wager was for them to create a musical presentation that represented Mary (the totem of selflessness and kindness) and every other thing they were trying to accomplish that week.

This saw the #BBNaija Housemates working on their routine all morning. The official presentation of the week required the #BBNaija housemates to work in pairs to create a song or poem that addressed a problem faced by the communities they were from. They would then have to follow up this performance with an explanation of the solutions they can implement to correct the problem.

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The #BBNaija Housemates were already hard at work creating their ‘Make a Change’ posters, that they would explain at the presentation alongside their music presentation.

The #BBNaija Housemates seemed exasperated as they realized how much work they would have to do within a short space of time but Bisola took the words out of everyone’s mouth and said, “So everything we rehearsed was a waste of time?” Marvis however made it known that their own musical presentation could be an addendum to the main task, to which Bassey agreed.

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Once the #BBNaija housemates were out in the garden, Bisola began playing Lady Bisola once again but this time she lamented about how Master Tony didn’t like her but loved a “Boss Lady with tattoos of flowers all over her body!”

Her words elicited giggles from TBoss while ThinTallTony tried his best to ignore Bisola’s allegations and focus on his painting.

All the while, everyone else laughed at her outrageous jokes about all the other men including “Master Bally” and “Master Is It My Fault”.

It appeared to be a good way for the housemates to take their minds off the immense tasks they had at hand.

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