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Brabus made an 888hp Mercedes-Benz Maybach

A luxury car that can go neck-to-neck with a Ferrari FF

These days, it has become a norm to hear rich men own and drive 700hp supercars. It’s something you can bring to red carpet events without feeling out of place beside a limousine.

Hollywood even portrayed Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark driving luxury sportscars whenever they had bachelor escapades. These supercars have become testaments of power and class.

But what about those people who wanted a mature-looking car with a more sophisticated touch of luxury? What about those VIP’s who ought to have a luggage compartment for their golf club set and still beat supercars on the track?

Luckily, tuning company Brabus introduced the 888hp Mercedes Benz Maybach.Photo courtesy of Brabus

Simply dubbed as the ROCKET 900,  Brabus took the already powerful Merc V12 engine out of the bay and packed it with a resized 6.3-litre V12.

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The result- 900 metric horses or some 888 horsepowers to be precise, with 1,106lb/ft of torque on hand, delivered to the rear wheels.

The standard Maybach S600 will go from 0-62mph in exactly five seconds. Brabus-tuned version, on the other hand, thrusts in 3.7 seconds – to a top speed of 217mph.

Just to compare, the Italian-made supercar Ferrari FF goes 0-60 in 3.7 seconds.

The modified Maybach  packed a custom billet crankshaft, new forged pistons, precision balanced connecting rods and upgraded with larger turbochargers and new manifolds.

The car also had suspension upgrades and sits 25mm lower than the standard Maybach. It was fitted with new 21-inch wheels to fill in the gaps on the car’s arches.

Brabus replaced standard body parts with modified air intakes, a front spoiler, a redesigned rear bumper and a radiator grille.

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Other “subtle” improvements were stainless steel exhaust, carbon fibre intake, a new air duct in the bonnet and ‘GOLD’ heat reflection inside the engine bay just so people remember it’s still a luxury car.

The interior of the car can be made to whatever specification the owner desires.

Luxury and power comes with a price. Brabus ought not to give specific numbers. But just to give an idea, the standard Maybach starts at £166,000 or $258,647.92 in today’sconversion.

So why tune a luxury car? Well, why not? It’s only a matter of taste. When you have the means to do so, wouldn’t it feel good to beat a Ferrari with your rich grand daddy’s “unsuspicious-looking” car?


Photo courtesy of Brabus



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