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Brexit Isn’t About Economics. It’s About Xenophobia.



When my girlfriend and I were in London last week, a drunk man accosted us at a pub.

That’s pretty par for the course there, in my experience. But this one a middle-aged, dark-haired white guy we’ll call “Bob” was different. He didn’t want to talk about soccer, orreal ale, or his feelings on Americans.

No, Bob wanted to talk about Brexit, today’s referendum on whether Britain should leave the EU. Bob wanted Britain to leave, and he wasvery open about his reason: immigration. The Muslims and the Eastern Europeans, he believes, are ruining Great Britain.

“We’re letting in rapists. We’re letting in shit,”

Bob told us, repeatedly.

“I have four children. How are they supposed to get jobs?”

This scene isn’t unique. It’s playing itself out in thousands of pubs across the United Kingdom. Britain’s Bobs are the driving force behind the campaign to leave the EU.

And the force driving them is xenophobia.

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By: Zack Beauchamp

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