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Brexit: Parliament Will Not Stay Silent


The majority of the UK’s 650 MPs are in favour of Britain staying in the EU and while they will have to respect the will of the British people, they will not be silent bystanders.

There are already moves among the 450 or so MPs who want to stay in the EU, across the Labour, Conservative, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Green parties, tokeep the UK in the single marketin any exit negotiations.

This would mean Britain would have to keep its borders open to EU workers and continue paying into EU coffers.

They say it would be legitimate for MPs to do this because the Leave campaign has refused to spell out what trading relationship it wants the UK to have with the EU in the future and it would demonstrate the sovereignty of Parliament the Leavers were so keen to restore.

During the campaign, Vote Leave called for immediate legislation to pave the way for Britain’s formal exit by the next election due in 2020, the centrepiece of which would be repealof the European Communities Act 1972, thebrief piece of legislationthat brought the country into the European Economic Community, as it was then known.

Source: BBC

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