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Comicbook – Junkie XL Will Score Justice League


When Justice League rolls around in 2017, it will do so not only with iconic heroes aligning on the big screen but with what will certainly be an iconic soundtrack.

Following up his efforts on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Tom Holkenborg, the artist known to many as Junkie XL, will return to the DC Films universe to score Justice League.

Over the weekend, executive producer Deborah Snyder confirmed Holkenborg’s return while on set of the super hero ensemble film.

“Junkie is coming back to do the score,”

Snyder says.

“Obviously we have a lot of Hans’ music and themes. So we’ve worked with Junkie even outside of Hans so we’re really thrilled that he’s going to do the score.”

Junkie XL’s resume is an impressive one.

His work includes Mad Max: Fury Road’s blood pumping score, as well as300: Rise of an Empire,Divergent,The Amazing Spider-Man 2,Black Mass, and Deadpool.

The pressure will certainly be on for Justice League as he will be burdened with not only following up Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel efforts and their collaborative work on Dawn of Justice, but the shadow of iconic Superman theme songs will always be looming over any composer working on the hero and his super friends.

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