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Donald Trump Sought Cheap Labor Overseas For Clothing Lines


Donald Trump may claim to have the backs of U.S. workers, but when it comes to making shirts for those backs,Trump has chosen to make his shirts overseas.

The Republican presidential candidate’s campaign rhetoric starkly contrasts the practices of his own fashion business, which experts say has followed the path of many other clothing makers by jumping from country to country in search of the lowest wages and cheapest production costs.

The Donald J. Trump Collection is a line of men’s dress shirts, suits, ties and accessories, all of which have been made by factories overseas, where labor costs are a fraction of what it would cost in the U.S.

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Trump cut a deal with the global apparel giant PVH to manufacture his clothes in 2004. And ever since the Donald J. Trump Collection has been produced by factories in Central America and Asia, then shipped to the U.S. for sale in stores and online.

Scott Nova, an executive director of Worker Rights Consortium, an independent labor rights group that investigates the garment industry, says there is one reason clothes are made overseas: cheap labor.

“If a company were committed to producing clothing in the U.S., they could find a way,”

Nova said, but he added,

“The competition is to find the lowest wages you can possibly get.”

Trump’s clothing line has fallen on hard times since his comments concerning Mexicans and Muslims in the early primaries led to retail giant Macy’s dropping the Trump clothing line. And Trump’s manufacturer, PVH, has said it is phasing out its licensing agreement with Trump.

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