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[Exclusives Cuisine] Achi Soup (Rivers State Native Soup)

   Brachystegia eurycoma, that is the botanical name for this legume we Nigerians know as Achi. Achi is a thickener used in variety of Nigerian soups. In Yoruba, it is known as Eku or Akalado, the Edos call it Dewen and Ijaws call it Apaupan or Akpakpa. 

Grown mainly in Central and South – eastern region of the country,Achi not only adds its own unique flavour to soups, it also contains protein, carbohydrates and some fat. There’s nothing as delightful as Achi cooked with Uziza leaves.


2 tablespoons of ground Achi

1/2 cup of ground Crayfish 

2 bunches Uziza leaves  (sliced)

1 dried catfish (washed)

1 smoked titus

1 cup of periwinkle (shucked)

1 cup of oyster (shucked)

Goat meat as desired ( washed )

2 seasoning cubes

1/2 cup of palm oil

2 &1/2 tablespoons of ground chilli pepper 

1 small bulb of onion

Mode of preparation :

Most people like their meat in large chunks, I prefer mine in tiny bits so when I dip my ball of garri  in the soup there will be tens of tiny-fishy-meaty-thingies sticking to it on the way out hehehe, I find it easier to eat that way…yuuuhmm. 

So, slice goat meat into tiny pieces, place in a large soup pot, add salt, onion, pepper and seasoning cube, cover pot and leave on the fire for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, add 4 cups of water to the goat meat and let cook for fifteen more minutes, add dried fish and smoked fish, allow to cook for five minutes, add oyster, periwinkles and oil, cover pot and cook for ten minutes, add uziza leaves, crayfish and  stir. 

In a small bowl, mix Achi in water to a smooth runny consistency,add it to the soup, stir, let cook for 3 minutes, stir and taste for salt, then season as desired. Your Achi soup is ready. Serve with Eba, Fufu,starch, pounded yam or whatever else you prefer. Enjoy and let me know what you think about it. One more photo below:

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