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Gbagam:- Discovered Money Belong To Lagos Senator – Lagos Herald

The news of the latest recovered bulk cash from a building in Lagos, 15 billion Naira equivalent by the EFCC has been rumored to belong to a Senator representing Lagos West, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola AKA Yayi. A strong ally of APC national leader Bola Tinubu. 
A source revealed that the whistleblower policy of the Buhari’s government led to a successful raid in a property located at Osborne Tower, Ikoyi, Lagos. The money is suspected to be a stash by the Lagos senator, to prosecute his governorship ambition in Ogun state in 2019. Anonymous sources close to EFCC chief said The Senator had been stockpiling the cash for 2019 election.

Senator Adeola who is a staunch opposition to the confirmation of Magu as EFCC chairman, is also the arrowhead of the Custom Boss invitation to the debates in uniform.
The anonymous source later revealed how Senator Olamilekan Solomon popularly known as Yayi, was boasting to one of his aide that he will ensure Magu did not scale the senate confirmation hurdle. One of the aide of the senator who pleaded for anonymity said the raid was a witch-hunt against his boss. he further said some presidency cabal members are behind the raid of his boss private property.

EFCC officials are yet to respond to this new claim. they said they will not officially reveal the owner of the cash, neither will they debunk our story at this time. More update coming soon.

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