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I Handed Over A Nigeria That Produced Africa’s Richest Man – Jonathan


Former President Jonathan has listed as one of his government’s achievement, the emergence of a Nigerian, Aliko Dangote as Africa’s Richest Man.

Jonathan stated this while speaking to Friends of Africa Coalition at the office of the Mayor of the City of Newark in New Jersey on Thursday April 21

“I inherited a Nigeria in which the trains were not working, and handed over a Nigeria in which citizens can safely travel by trains again.

I inherited a Nigeria that was a net importer of cement, and handed over a Nigeria that is a net exporter of cement.

In 2009 the richest Nigerian was the 5th richest man in Africa but I handed over a Nigeria that produced the richest man in Africa.

These are but a few of the parameters that illustrate some of the economic transformations we engineered during my term in office.

This was made possible by the fact that there was a stable political leadership in Nigeria that did not have to pander to any other constituency except the electorate who brought me to power.

And these actions have a contagious effect.”

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