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I Love My Mum, Does She Love Me Right Back? — Ninma Angulu


Been a long time I know but I’ll try to keep it up, I mean it’s not easy to keep up with school and all but I’ll try.’

So come on people let’s talk about the issue on ground, recently I realized that a lot of people keep clamoring about this thing called marriage, I mean trust me it’s not about the Gifts, food, new clothes, boxes and ceremony, the question is do you have what it takes to be a mother, do you have the skill, trust me it’s a skill (lol just joking oh) it’s not a skill but, are you ready? It’s not about how old you are getting.

So something drew my attention to this issue this morning, on my way to work I caught a glimpse of a little child, I would assume that she should be around the age of 6, her mother put her on a bike, told the bike man to take her to school and paid, as she turned her back the little girl waved her mum goodbye with tears in her eyes.

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Her mum didn’t seem bothered, she hurriedly left and somehow I just had flashes of the expressions that this little girl had on her face, I could see fear, I could sense danger, she wanted her mum to hear her unspoken words or read her mind , she wanted her mum to take her to school herself, and all that I could think of was what if she was being molested by the bike man who probably was their permanent means of transport.

What if something bad always happened to her on her way to school and was threatened not to tell, she is obviously too timid to express what has been happening to her to her nonchalant mother.

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I plead with all mother out there, pay too much attention to your child especially as an adolescent, know your child’s’ mood, when he or she is happy, sad, angry, sick.

Going through something he or she cannot explain, go through all of this with your child, you cannot reverse these moments, only you can make these moments count so why not make it worthwhile with your child, as ladies we would all have this mother to daughter moments, never make your daughter feel sad whenever she thinks of going home or going to school.

Fight for her…fight for her rights!!

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