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“I Will Not Leave You Orphans” – Pope Francis On Pentecost


“We were made to be God’s children, it is in our DNA,”

Pope Francis said on Pentecost Sunday after noting that many people in today’s world are living as “orphans.”

He drew attention in his homily at Mass in St Peter’s basilica, May 14, to the various

“signs of our being orphans”

in today’s world.

He mentioned five, but acknowledged there are others.  We see it first of all, he said,

“in the interior loneliness which we feel even when we are surrounded by people, a loneliness which can become an existential sadness.”

Secondly, we see it

“in the attempt to be free of God, even if accompanied by a desire for his presence.”

He identified the third and fourth signs

“in the all-too-common spiritual illiteracy which renders us incapable of prayer,”


“in the difficulty in grasping the truth and reality of eternal life as that fullness of communion which begins on earth and reaches full flower after death.”

He saw a fifth sign in “the difficulty” we have

“to see others as ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’, since we are children of the same Father.”

Pope Francis reminded the 7,000 faithful from all continents, as well as the many cardinals and bishops present in the basilica on this great feast that Jesus had promised his followers,

“I will not leave you orphans.”

He concluded his homily telling everyone that

“by means of our universal Brother—Jesus—we can relate to one another in a new way; no longer as orphans, but rather as children of the same good and merciful Father. And this changes everything!”

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