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Kaduna State Unveils New Official Logo

Kaduna Logo

Kaduna State Governor Mallam Nasir El-rufai has unveiled the state’s new logo.

The new logo which was unveiled at the 4th Town Hall meeting of the APC Kaduna State Government; Kaduna, today Saturday, 17, will henceforth be the new insignia of the state.

It will be used in all the state’s official communications, correspondences and transactions.

“As a reflection of our confidence in the future of Kaduna State, we are today unveiling a new State Logo.

This logo represents a new brand identity for our state. Its constituent elements are rooted in the history and culture of our people.

It retains Work and Worship, the old motto of the Northern Region, as our state motto.

Let me express gratitude to the honorable members of our State House of Assembly for providing legislative anchor for the State Logo.

All government stationery will henceforth carry this insignia.” the Governor said in his keynote address.

The distinctive features of the logo include its motto: Work and Worship; green vegetation, which means Agriculture, Economy, Abundance and conservation.

Crocodile stands for Strength, Resilience, Indestructibility and Ancestry; while cattle implies Fertility, Abundance and Nourishment.

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