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Mark Zuckerberg Shares Touching Facebook Video Message For Daughter Max


On Wednesday, Dec. 2, Mark Zuckerberg posted a sweet video message shot just a few weeks prior to his daughter Max’s birth, in which both he and wife Priscilla Chanshare a few of their thoughts about the future.

“A few weeks before Max’s birth, Priscilla and I took a morning to reflect and record our hopes for her and all children of her generation,” Zuckerberg wrote in a note accompanying the video. “It will be deeply meaningful to show this to her one day. I’ll share more soon.”

In the 2-minute video, the couple take a stroll through some greenery, with dog Beast trotting along not far behind.

“The pregnancy has been really fun, and we’re really looking forward to meeting her,” Chan, 30, says in a voice-over to kick off the touching clip. “Mark is really looking forward to meeting her.”

“Well, it’s been 37 weeks, so I think it’s time for her to come out!” the Facebook founder and CEO replies with a smile as he and Chan sit side-by-side on a couch. “It’s my turn to hold her.”

Chan and Zuckerberg, 31, then talk about how having their first child together has made them “think about all the things that should be improved” in the world — not just now, but for Max and her whole generation.

“The only way we reach our full human potential is if we unlock the potential of every person around the world,” Zuckerberg insists.

Adds Chan, “The future isn’t going to be like today. The future is going to be better than today.”

The happy couple welcomed their first child together last week, and took to Facebook on Tuesday, Dec. 1, to share their sentiments about being proud new parents, including a lengthy, heartfelt letter to their baby girl.

“Priscilla and I are so happy to welcome our daughter Max into this world!” he captioned a photo of the couple and their newborn. “For her birth, we wrote a letter to her about the world we hope she grows up in. It’s a world where our generation can advance human potential and promote equality — by curing disease, personalizing learning, harnessing clean energy, connecting people, building strong communities, reducing poverty, providing equal rights and spreading understanding across nations.”

The entrepreneur added that he and Chan plan on committing 99% of their Facebook shares — currently valued at around $45 billion — to various organizations over their lifetimes, in addition to starting the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in Max’s honor.

“Your mother and I don’t yet have the words to describe the hope you give us for the future,” he wrote. “Your new life is full of promise, and we hope you will be happy and healthy so you can explore it fully. You’ve already given us a reason to reflect on the world we hope you live in.”

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