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Meet The Face Of Arewa2TW Photo Contest

Meet IDASHO BERNICE ENE the winner of the just concluded Face of Arewa2TW photo contest, it was nice to have broken through our screen to meet with her in person, her words “I never really expected to win ~Bernice.”

It is a position she never expected or imagined herself been in, having initiated the journey on Facebook, well, we’ll allow her to narrate her ordeal in her own words, and here we go;

I am IDASHO BERNICE ENE am the only daughter in a family of 5, my parents, my 3 siblings and soldiers and myself from Nassarawa State, doma LGA a full-fledged Nigerian, I love cooking cracking jokes, reading novels online and offline, Singing, spending quality time with loved ones and putting smiles on people’s faces, am a student of the University of Abuja studying Biological Science.

I love being a student because it gives room to learn new things both morally, socially and otherwise, am really excited to have emerged the winner, I have something for Bauchi state guess it’s love, because Of The popular Yankari Games Reserve, I’ll like to go there one of this days.

It was a faithful evening during the just concluded ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) and I was just going through Facebook and I saw a post about the contest and I was like I think I should give it a try because I was at home doing nothing and I needed something to keep Me busy.

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I just switched to my WhatsApp and messaged one of the contacts on the post and registered and that was how the journey started at a point I gave up because there were 19 contestants and it seemed as though I was underperforming no much like nor shares but I just had to keep the faith and run the race till the end, then wait, you’re thinking what was I waiting for right?

Well I was waiting for the results and at the same time preparing for my exams thanks to the understanding of the government and ASUU an agreement was reached, so there I was well sited in my room and a call came through, it was well-wisher congratulating me on winning the contest I had to beg a friend to share her internet with just so I could confirm for myself which I did and still wasn’t convinced the results were correlated correctly, why?

Because “Winning the contest was the least thing on my mind, I never expected to win because am not the type that likes competition, I gave it a try and I won” which got me stunned so I had to call a friend just in case I wasn’t seeing well so she could confirm my miracle victory (winning a contest with only 85 votes is a miracle) which she did and there my phone backlight hardly went off notifications upon notifications messages upon messages I was happy, the love wasn’t sidelined or whatever in terms of tribe, religion, section or skin color the love came all round from the north east west and south hence bringing to light the main aim of the contest “spirit of oneness” preaching a once lost love that emanated from the hearts of all Nigerians irrespective of your gender, religion, ethnicity, tribe, geo-political zone etc.

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The Photo Contest was a bit different because it embraced the diversity of our dear country Nigeria so much so everyone felt welcomed and at home and it wasn’t about just having a pretty face and smiling; it’s much about getting into the community and making a difference, I’ll be honest with you It has been such a huge learning experience and I really feel great.

I didn’t realize how much of a difference I could make and having Arewa2TW behind me is going to help so much in changing the mindset and misconception of (which am a victim of) the general public about Arewa and thus preach “UNITY” above all so let’s keep the fire burning and never give up thou trials and temptations will arise but we will make it through actualizing the impressive visions, aims and goal of this wonderful platform Thou it’s Starting small I have this strong feeling that it will get better, bigger and bolder than it is now.

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