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Most Anticipated Films of 2015

Movies based on video games haven’t been too popular as of yet. Will Assassin’s Creed be the first? With the increasingly improved graphics and the scenes looking like a film, how hard can the process be? Michael Fassbender, who will star in the movie signed on based on the idea behind the film, without having played the game!



The dark versions of fairy tales have not hit with audiences, so Kenneth Branagh’s creating a straight story which is a great change. With many well-known actors taking the stage, let’s hope it’ll be a hit!



We all know Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter but this can be his big break out of the role. Paul Maguire’s cinematic re-interpretation was recently pushed into 2015 to give it some separation from other Frankenstein productions, this film however has a twist. It will focus on Igor.



This film will show the journey of a preteen girl hurtling towards puberty while also moving cities with her family from Minnesota to San Francisco. The movie will take place in her mind with each emotion is represented by a character, for example anger a red square.



You may be wondering how two video games can make it onto this list. Well, Duncan Jones, with a brilliant mind with regards to science fiction and fantasy says that Warcraft will be a hardcore fantasy epic based on the 90s version of World of Warcraft, and there will be everything in this film.



It’s been about two decades since the original Jurassic Park, which was a huge hit. It has the potential be a mesmerizing IMAX, 3D blockbuster. If that wasn’t enough, the cast line up should tickle your taste buds, but that is all I’ll say.



Another expansion of the Marvel Universe, Ant-Man is particularly compelling because of the “geekiness” aspect of it. It won’t be a super high grossing film like that of Iron Man, but it should make geeks very happy. So yay, go geeks!



The most talked about movie on the Internet now, pitting two of the most loved superheroes against each other. Will Ben Affleck prove everyone wrong, and be a sensational batman? There are rumors that filming has already started. It can only be epic.



J.J. Abrams will direct, and it will be a continuation from the extremely successful previous editions. Chewbacca is likely to star, which will please his fans. Saoirse Ronan has auditioned for a role, John Williams will compose the score, and it will be filmed in the UK. Other than that there’s not much we know right now, but within two years, all will be revealed.



Our personal favorite and I am sure the favorite of most people. New characters are to be introduced including “The Scarlet Witch” and “Quicksilver”. We have such great expectations for the sequel of a film that is the third highest grossing movie of all time. Don’t disappoint us!!!


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