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A New Begining By ‘Tuchi’

new Begining

New Begining By Tuchi

So many ways I could put this down but none can compare to how I feel about you.     

As clear as crystal, as white as snow. Your smiles tinkles feeling me with a warmth no one knows.

Hell yea I wanna be called into your fold, cos you bring me happiness untold.                       

But days pass, moment flee all dis warmth fades; yet I feel safe knowing I can still feel your invisible face.

When does this torture ends? When can I look and see you standing in that bend?

Now I finally begin to fear cos I understand that you’d never be there anymore.

Cos just like teardrops falling from my eyes.

You’ve rolled down my face into my heart.

And thou I can’t see you still.  I’d wait for your kiss.

Cos in my heart you are enternal.  Yea,you are now immortal




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