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Nigeria’s Petrol Pump Price Hits N250 Per Litre

Fuel scarcity

The supply and price of Petrol in Anambra have worsened as customers now pay between N250 and N300 per litre in the state.

Most filling stations in Awka and its environs had the product but refused to dispense.

However, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) monitoring and enforcing the situation, compelled marketers to sell the product at the government regulated price if N145 per litre

The team, which came from Enugu Office, also sealed 12 filling stations, including an NNPC mega station for hoarding the product.

The team, led by Mr Daniel Atama, however, met stiff resistance at Stanel Service Station which set its meter at N145 but was not dispensing, in spite of the long queues of motorists who had waited for over 24 hours.

The DPR efforts to get the owners of the station to sell proved abortive as the manager said he would only sell at whenever he wished and would not take orders from DPR.

Atama subsequently placed a seal order on the station for hoarding the products but an official of the station pulled the seal off immediately and threw it away right before the DPR team.

The DPR agents, however, left the station to avoid a brewing crisis.

But reacting to the development, Mr Chris Orage, General Manager of the station said he did not remove the seal placed by the DPR.

Orage said the station had limited products and was trying to manage the queue.

He denied defying the DPR orders because the station enjoyed support from some highly placed people in Anambra government.

At an NNPC mega station, the entrance was closed while motorists waited patiently for them to start dispensing.

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