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Oral B releases world’s first Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush


Just when we were starting to get used to fitness bands, smartwatches and other wearables that track our daily habits, leading toothbrush and toothpaste brand, Oral B is releasing its Smart Series Electric Toothbrush that wants to track and monitor your brushing habits. Yup. Oral B’s smart toothbrush (as we’d call it) uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with a smartphone app, which both work hand-in-hand to, as Oral B puts it, “improve brushing efficiency”.

For now, the brush is available from today in the UK, and comes just ahead of its iOS app, which would be available in May, while Android fans will have to wait till August for its accompanying app. In the meantime, users would be able to programme the brush with the app to focus on particular areas of cleaning, but Oral B sees a day when patients work with Dentists on a cleaning routine with data culled from your toothbrush into the app.

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