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PDP Will Take Over In 2019 – Goodluck Jonathan


I told you guys, the quest for 2019 will be interesting. Former President Goodluck Jonathan has said the PDP remains Nigeria’s strongest and biggest party despite losing the 2015 presidential election and will win the next general election.

Jonathan said current efforts at reforming the party are “a clear sign” the PDP will win in 2019.

He gave this indication on Monday in Abuja while receiving a report from the Strategy Review and Inter-Party Affairs Committee of the PDP.

Yes we lost the presidential election, but that doesn’t diminish us. Every other party still knows that PDP is a leading party,” said Mr. Jonathan who received the team in his House in Abuja.

“Losing the presidency is something temporary. We should be able to get that position back as long as we are able to get our acts together. I am happy that you people are working towards that,” he said.

Jonathan was the party’s candidate in the 2015 election but lost to the then opposition candidate, Muhammadu Buhari of the APC. NowSPC,

the PDP is plotting a comeback.

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