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Pepsi Releases Soda Cans With Emojis: Proves We No Longer Need Words To Function


These days, there’s an emoji for everything.

Chances are, if you own a phone, you probably have several emoji keyboards at your disposal. You probably threw a party back when they rolled out the middle finger, and you selfied up a storm when Snapchat finally got with the emoji program.

Your Android fam was stoked when they heard they were improving their emoji keyboard, and your friends lost it when Taco Bell blessed us with a taco emoji. T-Bell isn’t the only one with an emoji, however.Dove released curly-haired girls, and Pepsi created their#PepsiMoji keyboard. If you’re overwhelmed with this list, so are we.

One could say these little blobs of emotion are taking over our entire world. To add more fuel to that fire, Pepsi will roll out emojifiedsoda cans. Because we need that to live our best life, right? Perhaps.

The good news is, if your phone dies, you can hold up your can to convey any emotion you’re unable to communicate.

Both cans and bottles will roll out at the start of the summer, and will feature their custom #PepsiMoji’s.

The soda brand notes it aims to create emoticons that are missing from what we’ve already got going on, and that different parts of the world will receive location-specific emojis.

We’re interested to see what that means, as we can’t imagine what else there is to say that can’t be done with, you know, words.

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