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‘Persian Hercules’ ; The Biggest Man You May Ever See In Your Life


Sajad Gharibi, 24, is huge. The Iranian power lifter weighs 385 pounds and has garnered quite a following on Instagram  and for good reason.

He is mammoth Gharibi calls himself the “Persian Hercules” and is also known as the”Iranian Hulk” for his gigantic arms.

He is so large, that his neck has practically disappeared.

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Little is known about Gharibi. A fellow bodybuilder and fan created a YouTube video featuring Gharibi. The narrator is in absolutely disbelief over this man’s size, calling him “beastly” several times. Some people are less impressed with Gharibi’s size, believing he’s either overweight or the pictures were altered with Photoshop.

While the man does provide an intimidating prospect physically, those close to him maintain that he has a kind heart. So a gentle giant, if you will.

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One feels that he will come to the spotlight soon. We can’t wait to see what he is up to next!


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