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[POEM] Stranded — Ututu Emmanuel 


Sown and rooted, 

here where I have been left off;

my journey can only continue as far as my eye can explore beyond my feet stuck in the past,
how do I move on and

find my way back when the road leading

home lies in-between your breasts?
Prophecy has said the latter rain 

will be greater than the former,

but oranges and cherries from your vine remains more fruitful yesterday than today

this here, we, is a fairy-tale only Christmas can tell best

but trust refuses to be reconciled with doubts

and right here is the perfect spot for grace 

and love to step in and save the day.
My memories dances in a ballroom

Beneath a spinning chandelier of turquoise blue 

and purple and red and white,

you remember right?

Your first kiss, the bath room talk, the pleas, 

the unborn pretty little (so beautiful like you),
I remember the couch grumbling

we were too fat for its capacity but we shut it up

to make heaven bliss right there in eko.
Back to me dear,

how long can waiting return?


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