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Poems: Astray — Agnes Omayioza Yusuf

Poem title: Astray

Author: Agnes Omayioza Yusuf

It was on the night of the 7th moon

When we strode out of our soil

We were going for greener pastures 

Or would I call it a better life

Mama told me to make her proud 

Or at least to give her a child


I had better dreams

To go to the country of the chalks

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Because money flowed on the floor.

I set out into my journey of doom.

A voice said to me

Take a look at yourself!

But the dust of poverty has blocked my ears

My people called,

But a goat that is set to eat grass 

Will go lengths to eat that grass.

And then I set foot from my black soil

Working out my life color

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I lost hope

As the bodies increased on dry land

My throat was already patched up

My stomach beat the drum of shame

Making it rumbles of thunder

Night came and a chalk man stepped up to me

He then tore my life essence

He broke my will to fight

And then I knew that the journey had just begun

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  1. Wow awesome, keep it up and you’ll go farther than the eyes can hope to ever see.

  2. Awwwn.. Mama got me smiling and ma cheeks jumping.. This is proudly perfect..

  3. nice one Aggie dear, keep it up.

  4. nice one Aggie dear, keep it up.

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