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President Buhari Is The Greatest Hypocrite Ever In Nigerian Politics


He made a law banning overseas medical expenses for government officials, he denied our children studying overseas from accessing forex.

He has denied industries of procuring essential raw materials from overseas, and forex rate is beyond reach of citizens who wish do business overseas,  yet for every little excuse he travels abroad wasting scarce resources.

Meanwhile he made a huge provision in the 2016 budget for his Aso Rock Clinic. Why couldn’t he get himself treated locally? Nigeria has renowned specialist doctors. But the problem is Buhari doesn’t trust them.

Is he afraid they might kill him? While he is Afraid?
he has committed genocide in parts of Nigeria.

lives are lost everyday. Our security men and women who were very accommodating and friendly before he became President are now very unfriendly.

What kind of leader is he? Anyway,
I pray that he recovers fast and return to his job with a different attitude. No country should pray to have as leader a man like Buhari.

He is too incompetent.

SOURCE :- ScanNews

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