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Russian Air Force Intensifies Strikes On ISIS


Russia used six long-range bombers to target terrorist forces and oil sites in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry reported, saying it’s intensifying airstrikes near Palmyra.

The Tu-22M3 bombers flew all the way form the Russian territory to deliver their deadly cargo, the report said.

The airstrikes focused around as-Suhnah and Arak, the Russian military said. Both towns are located east of Palmyra on a strategic road connecting the ancient city with Deir ez-Zor, an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) stronghold in the east of Syria.

“The strikes destroyed a command point, a militant field camp, two oil pumping sites, a significant number of enemy personnel and hardware,”

the military reported.

The US-led coalition fighting IS separately from Russia was duly notified of the pending mission, the ministry noted.

Russian airstrikes in Syria this week hit over 50 targets since Tuesday, the ministry said.

Russia and the US are trying to stabilize the situation in Syria by bringing together Damascus and moderate groups not sharing a jihadist agenda.

The effort so far was stalled by the animosity of the warring parties, murky distinction between jihadists and moderates, as well as other factors.

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