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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review

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THE Samsung Galaxy S6 is finally here. After months of speculation about its appearance, its features and its functionality, the final product has reached South African shores.

The Galaxy S6 and its counter the S6 Edge are brilliant pieces of equipment.

This is a well engineered magnum opus to best represent the brand as its flagship product, and set a benchmark for smartphones around the world.

The few downfalls of the device can do little to dent the S6’s newly built reputation, while it may be too soon to pass the final judgment of the device’s test of time — with the release of new products so rapid at present — the Galaxy S6’s first impression is a lasting one.

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Samsung have developed a great product that leaves very little more to be desired.

The Galaxy S6 offers one of the sharpest displays of a smartphone available at present, great rear and facing cameras and fluid-like experience through a strong processor.

Preloaded apps include the likes of the Microsoft OneDrive and OneNote, and a host of others.

A tradition is carried on from its predecessor, a heart-rate monitor, and an improved fingerprint sensor.

The Galaxy S6 offers wireless charging, with an added accessory and the device itself charges from almost 0% battery to fully charged in less than an hour and a half.

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The device offers vivid video playback, with sharp audio, audible enough to be used as a micro cinema even without headphones.

In the box, Samsung packaged premium headphones with new earbud moulds alongside an Adaptive Fast Charging unit when charging the device from a wall plug.

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On the exterior, Samsung ditched the over-used plastic found in all previous models for a solid metal casing. It is clear that on the underside of the device Samsung picked up some tips from Apple’s iPhone 6, moving the audio-jack to the bottom and further styling of the device make the underneath of it look more like the iPhone.

Hardly any device can be made flawlessly. True to this the S6 has its drawbacks. In my view, which might be the most nitpicky opinion, the S6 fingerprint sensor is featured on the home button of the device. While it is not as small as the S5 and does not require the naggy down swipe — the position of the sensor is not functional. Judging by the way the user holds the device, the sensor would have been better placed on the rear of it.

The second downfall is that the storage cannot be expanded. However, with 32, 64 and 128 gigabyte storage variations, and 115 gigabytes of cloud storage through the OneDrive, this might not even be an issue.

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What’s with the Edge?

Purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge over the regular version is definitely the better option if you’re able to fork out the extra thousands for the device. The S6 Edge features a host of extras that can be used through the device’s styling. When faced down, you are able to see a glow when you receive calls or text messages from specific contacts.

The device hosts selected contacts in an easy-to-use hub. It also acts as a bedtime clock and an information ticker for social media apps and notifications.

Let me know what you think @KyleVenktess on Twitter.

The specs (both S6 and S6 Edge)

Display: 5,1 inches Super AMOLED, 1 440 x 2 560 pixels

Camera: 16 megapixel optical image stabilization, autofocus on the rear end, shooting video 2 160p at 30fps. A five megapixel facing camera with 1 440p video at 30fps.

Processor: Quad-core 1,5 GHz Cortex-A53 andamp; Quad-core 2,1 GHz Cortex-A57

Operating system: Android OS 5.0.2 Lollipop

Weight: 138 grams

Colour of devices: White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Blue Topaz and Gold Platinum

Accelerometer to measure motion

Compass, Barometer, Heart-rate monitor, SpO2 sensor to measure oxygen in the user’s blood

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