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Simple Remedy For Staphylococcus, Gonorrhea, UTI, And Other Infections


Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) can be gotten through casual or unprotected sexual intercourse or through the public toilet (especially water closet i.e WC).

When an infected person pass out faeces or urine in this water closet and some of the infection discharged by the victim touches the seat (porcelain bowl), when another person defecates (pass out faeces) in the same water closet and his penis touches the infections it will immediately swim in and cause the infection to start.

In the case of women when they sit to defecate the infection can touch any part of their laps or buttocks, from there it might swim into the vagina or anus and cause the infection to start. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) can also be called sexually transmitted infections (STI) or venereal diseases (VD). They manifest in the body of infected person in form of worms and other symptoms.

Despite a continuous effort by various agencies to spread information about sexually transmitted diseases, they continue to affect a large percentage of the population in the Nigeria and a large chunk of those affected is comprised of the young population. Sexually transmitted diseases are infective diseases, which means that semen, blood, and other body fluids that are coming from people with STD are highly contagious. They can affect men and women of all backgrounds and economic levels, which means that no one is really safe.

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