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Snapchat Announce New Product, Spectacles

Snapchat, the popular image messaging app has announced a special new and exciting product as it’s first physical product.

The company is releasing a pair of glasses called Spectacles. However, Spectacles isn’t your regular pair of Sunglasses, this special glasses come with a camera which can be easily connected to your smartphone and can record up to ten seconds of video.

According to reports, the camera on Spectacles uses a wider lens than a normal phone camera, and records a more “circular” video, intended to be “closer to human vision.”

Snapchat launches Spectacles

Evan Spiegel wearing Spectacles

Founder 26-year-old Evan Spiegel has said that he sees Snapchat as a camera company, rather than a social media company. This might just be the beginning of a new chapter for the company.

A pair of Snapchat’s Spectacles will also go for $130. The company also announced a name change as it would now be called Snap Inc.

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