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Star Wars’ Most Iconic Vehicles


The Star Wars films have influenced pop culture in a way no other cinematic series has, even earning itself an internet-driven holiday: Star Wars Day, celebrated annually on 4 May (May the fourth — get it? As in,”may the force be with you”).

With an endless flow of merchandise appearing on department store shelves, the seemingly never ending stream of prequels and sequels hitting cinemas, and popular conventions bringing together fans from all over the globe, it’s no wonder the films’ characters are household names — and we’re not talking about just the humans characters.

“The vehicles were designed to be characters,”

Toronto-based artist and designer Scott Park explained.

The aesthetics of the vehicles had such an impact on him that nearly 40 years after he saw the first Star Wars film on the big screen, he decided to create anartistic homageto “(almost) every identifiable vehicle from the Episodes 4, 5 and 6”.

“They looked like they could actually work, like they were functional,” he recalled thinking when he was first introduced to the film series at the age of four”.

And they were kind of familiar, but also exotic.

In his young mind, it was both jarring and eye-opening to see the way the good guys’ vehicles contrasted with the villainous modes of transportation.

“The Millennium Falcon — that was sort of the opposite of what science fiction had shown spaceships to be. It was dirty and broken, almost ugly,”

he said. “The bad guys had the beautiful, sleeker ship. It was a revelation that this was the approach to take”.

I love to exaggerate the proportions, he said, admitting,

“sometimes I can sort of leave out half the details and you can still figure out what it is.”

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