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The Two(2) Real Keys To Happiness — The Telegraph


Olivia Rudgard, A Social Affair Correspondent says that money doesn’t bring happiness – but researchers may have found the two things that do.

A study has found that sex and sleep are the two things that have the strongest association with a person’s wellbeing.

The index, developed by researchers Oxford Economics, found that quadrupling your income causes very little increase to your happiness, while spending time in the bedroom is a lot more significant.

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Polling carried out by the National Centre for Social Research, found that the most rested people score 15 points higher on the index than those who struggled with their sleep.

The analysis also found that young families were the happiest demographic group overall. There was a strong association between happiness and having a young child at home.

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“Baby boomers” who were still in work were the second-happiest group because of good job security and a high standard of living.

Child-free people in their 30s and 40s were the least happy because they have “weaker support networks” and lower levels of satisfaction with their sex lives, it said.

SOURCE: – The Telegraph

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