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This Psychic Emoji Keyboard May Be The Future Of Texting


Have you ever been stumped by which emoji to use in your text message? There are so many to choose from these days, amiright? It’s hard to know which one will properly convey your innermost thoughts.

This painful first world problem could become a thing of the past thanks to the power of predictive text.Tech Crunchsays, just like your phone predicts regular words, Swiftkey, the maker of the smart keyboard app, is testing out predictive emojis.

Don’t know whether or not to use the eggplant, champagne bottle, or hot dog during sexty time?

Praise be to technology. This keyboard could solve that problem! The program is called Swiftmoji and, if you decide to become a beta tester, you can get it from Google Play.

Wondering how it works? It’s pretty easy. Type your heart out and the keyboard will offer up the proper emojis to go along with what you’ve just said. Is anyone else getting major psychic vibes? HOW DOES IT KNOW!?

No word yet on when this will be released to the public, or if will roll out on other platforms besides Google Play.

Until then, we’ll just have to endure the pain of scrolling through every emoji just to decide which girl-in-pink-shirt to use. Tragic.

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