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Trump Begins Weighing VP Options


It’s a path he may never follow. But after his victory in Indiana on Tuesday night, and Ted Cruz’s decision to suspend his campaign, there is now rampant speculation as to what “presidential” will mean should Trump’s executive desk move to the Oval Office.

As with any presidential nominee, the selection of their vice presidential running mate is important because it offers us a window into their thinking. Trump recently gave some insight into his thoughts on the matter when he told Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network:

“I would want to choose apolitician. I’m a businessman. I don’t think we need two guyslike me.”

His comments suggest that he wants a running mate with experience and expertise in areas where he is seen as lacking.

At the same time, political pundits and election followers predicting that Trump will do something ordinary and expected simply have not been paying attention to how the man operates.


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