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Unilever Nigeria Launches New Pepsodent Gel Toothpaste


As parts of efforts to reduce the prevalence of oral health problems in Nigeria, Unilever Nigeria Plc unveiled the New Pepsodent gel toothpaste  with over 1000 school children parents, teachers and the EXCO members of the Nigerian Dental Association in attendance. 

Speaking at the event  in Lagos, Brand Building Director, Unilever Nigeria, David Okeme, said in order to let your kids get stronger teeth for the future, it is important to stay healthy and avoid oral care problems.

School children arriving for the event

“The New Pepsodent Cavity Fighter toothpaste integrates Active Micro Calcium and Pro-Floride Complex. This dual technology is proven to effectively fight cavity and fortify teeth in the long term.

“Micro Calcium- helps repair tiny invisible holes before they become cavity. Pro Fluoride Complex – protects teeth for longer.” He said
He noted that as part of our commitment to support this cause of fighting toothcavity, Unilever is donating over N10 million worth of Pepsodent toothpaste to Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS).
According to Guest Speaker from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Prof Adeyemi Olusile: “Tooth Cavity is a bacterial infection that causes removal of mineral irons from the dental enamel and destruction of the hard tissues of the teeth. This is a result of the production of acid by bacterial fermentation of food debris accumulated on the tooth surface.”
“Bacteria have means of sticking to our mouth, and if we do not brush them properly in the morning and night, they cause holes in our teeth. Therefore, we must brush our mouth twice daily with calcium and fluoride filled toothpaste, like Pepsodent in order to reduce bacteria in our mouth and make it not to smell”.
Receiving the donation of Pepsodent to NRCS, Engr. Mobolaji Onibudo, Lagos State Branch Chairman of NRCS, said this is a unique product and I’m sure it is going to be widely accepted by the beneficiaries who are the various motherless homes under Nigerian Red Cross Society. And also, we know the level of insurgencies we are facing in the country, we have a lot of internally displaced people, the various camps set up by the Federal Government, and I’m sure if you go up North and you know the level of the challenges they are having in these camps, I’m sure this particular product will find its way there, and would solve the problems of a lot of children even adults alike because when you have your mouth very well cleaned, you would breathe well, and you will have fresh breathe and everything, and of course it transforms to good health and this is very important especially for the internally displaced people in the various camps. 
The New Pepsodent Unveiled

Brand Building Director Unilever Nigeria, David Okeme making a donation of N10 million worth of Pepsodent to the Rep of the Nigeria Red Cross Society

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