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Why The Media Got It Wrong About Trump And Sanders Phenomena


Fed up? Yes, the American people are fed up. You know that. Many of you are fed up or know someone who is. For the last 10 months or so, the media missed that and are just now coming around to see it.

The media didn’t “get” the Donald Trump or Senator Bernie Sanders phenomena because so many in the media are way out of touch with the American people.

They look at politics through their own eyes, and the eyes of their media colleagues and notthe eyes of the American people. If you don’t see (really see) the simmering discontent, if you don’t see (really see) the fear, you are going to call it wrong. It is like a vision impaired person watching a tennis match without his glasses.

Add into the equation that for many in the media things are good. Wages are not stagnant, and, in TV, we get paid well.

It doesn’t help that the media is… well… smug. They listen a lot to each other — too much. They listen so much to each other that they even repeat each other.

Do you remember how many in the media used the word “bold” to describe Romney’s choice of Ryan? What are the odds they all came up with the same descriptive word? Not odds… just listening to each other and repeating each other.

While America is busy thinking

“I am worried about paying my rent… I can’t make my car payment… I think my job is moving overseas… I need a job… my child is sick… my water heater needs to be replaced and I have no savings, etc.,”

what is the media thinking about? In some instances, and I will leave out the names, I think they are too busy thinking about themselves.

So yes, of course many voters, with all their worries and concerns, would look for an outsider as the insiders have not done what they promised and so the voters have finally had enough.

Sanders and Trump are the Hail Mary passes and the media never saw it coming. Why did the media miss this? And discount both Sanders and Trump in the 2016 race? Yes, the disconnect.

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