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World Reacts To New UK Foreign Secretary


Newspapers and politicians around the world have been reacting to Boris Johnson’s appointment as UK foreign secretary.

Many were surprised, citing his history of faux pas including insulting the president of Turkey and commenting on the US president’s ancestry.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said in a radio interview Mr Johnson was a liar with

“his back against the wall”.

One EU source told the BBC:

“Everyone in the European Parliament thinks it’s a bad joke and that the Brits have lost it.”

The response to the decision by new UK Prime Minister Theresa May to appoint Johnson Foreign Secretary has been largely one of shock, even among the former London Mayor’s supporters. Johnson actively campaign for the UK to leave the European Union — May was a Remainer — and backed her rival to be Conservative Party leader.

“Dear world … sorry,” read the headline of the UK’s Daily Mirror in the wake of Johnson’s appointment, while U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner seemed to smile with disbelief when he was given the news at a press conference (before hurriedly restoring his expression to a more diplomatic neutrality).

Others greeted the news with mockery and outrage, with many highlighting Johnson’s embarrassing flubs at home and abroad — like when he got stuck on a zip line or tackled a 10 year old and his numerous insulting comments about foreigners.

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